Hello. Guten Tag. Hi.

I’m Shakira Dyer, a second-year student of the German language and literature, film and culture. When I’m not doing that I like writing. Sometimes I do both on this blog here.

This is my blog’s Privacy Policy. It states that I may look at personal information if you follow or comment to me, however I don’t need to look at this if you tell me. It also states that if I write about you, I will contact you first- and – except where personal information is in the legitimate interest of the blog writer (me) or in your legitimate interest – you can tell me to remove a blog post.
In return, I ask that you don’t store my personal data for more than 20 days, give it away or sell it.

What this blog is for:

Finding German translations of my favourite English media, from Pokemon, to Adventure Time to Star Wars, and more! Also teaching you guys how they work (and being taught by you- bitte, wenn ich einen Fehler mache, sag mir in den Kommentaren!)

Finding orginally German media (von E Nomine, Fanta Vier bis zu… Lars der Eisbar… ect) to post about.
(Empfehlungen heisse ich wilkommen!)

Reviewing anything I can – including current news. Particularly if it affects me, England, Germany, visually impaired or disabled people around the world and/or students.

Probably – releasing my own self-published stories.

Probably – releasing my own self-published stories *in German*!



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