Pokemon Translation Game- Water type gym

Jumping straight into the water – here it is!


Squirtle, Blastoise and Wartortle (Schiggy, Schlok und Turtok)

Squirtle in English is from squirt (to shoot water, such as when Squirtle uses Water Gun) and turtle. The Japannese name ‘zenigame’ literally means pond turtle. In German, ‘Schiggy’ comes from ‘die Schildkrӧte’, a turtle. So clearly based on a turtle, Squirtle was the first Water type starter in the first eve Pokemon game, Pokemon Red and Blue outside Japan, and has remained popular ever since.


Wartortle probably combines ‘warrior’, ‘tortoise’ and ‘turtle’ in English. In Japanese it is called Kameil, from ‘kame’, turtle and the ‘il’ could come from English tail.
In German it is ‘Schillok’, with ‘Schildkrote’ referencing it being a turtle, and ‘die Locke’ is probably in there too, with this meaning ‘curl’, possibly the curl of hair on this Pokemon’s ears – or what makes up its tail, meaning the German name would take the same inspiration as the Japanese name.

Blastoise (Japanese: Kamex) (German: Turtok)

In English, Blastoise comes from ‘blast’, referencing the water shooting from the canons on its back, and the end of the word ‘tortoise’.
In Japanese, Kamex comes from ‘kame’, turtle, and possibly max or ‘makkusu’ meaning max – perhaps a reference that it’s at the maximum evolutionary stage.

Piplup, Prinplup and Empoleon (Plinfa, Pliprinz und Impoleon)

In English, Piplp is from ‘pip’ the cute squeaking of a small bird, and ‘plup’ the sound of a pebble dropping into water. Its Japanese name, Potchama, also takes ‘pochapocha’- to splash in water, as well as ‘botchama’, a young child. Its German name, similarly, fuses ‘pip’ and ‘infant’ for ‘Plinfa’ – neither of which sound as cute as Piplup in my opinion… but yeah.


Its evolution, Prinplup, is based on a prince – fitting given its last evolution based on an emporer (also, does this make Piplup a prince too?) Prinplup in English comes from ‘prince’ and the ‘plup’ sound. Similarly, it’s Plinprin in German, with ‘der Prinz’ referring to a prince.
Its Japanese name ‘Pottaishi’ comes from ‘pohapocha’ and ‘kotaishi’- a crown prince.


Empoleon is from emporer and Napoleon –emporer of France from 1804 to 1814

Wooper and Quagsire (Felino und Morlood)

As strange as the design of Wooper might seem, its actually based off a real creature. In Japan, a certain amphibian is sold as a pet under the name ‘wooper looper’ – this amphibian is called the axolotl (strangely enough, I’ve heard it talked about somewhere before… … and I do like amphibians. But the axolotl is unlike most amphibians in that it doesn’t leave the water, because it stays in its juvenile state for all its life and doesn’t develop gills. It is also unfortunately endangered, because its original natural Mexican ponds are polluted. As for its similarity to the Pokemon, I think the whiskers of the axolotl are similar to Wooper’s whiskers on either side of its head. The marketing name ‘wooper looper’ is most likely where Wooper’s English name came from, and its Japanese name ‘Upah’ sounds similar.
However in German, it is called ‘Felino’. This is from ‘Fenn’ or fen, a type of wetland, and bambino, Italian for baby or infant.


Its evolution, Quagsire in English, is a combination of the word qaugmire, another type of wetland, and sire, an honorific for a king, possibly suggesting its size. In Japanese, the idea of a king is continued in ‘Nuoh.’, where numa means ‘seamp, marsh, pod or lake’ and o means king.
Its German name, Morlord, also takes these inspirations, using ‘das Moor’, a bog and the English word Lord.


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