Paradi Inclusioni

Paradi Inclusioni hits the virtual stage after Covid

Not allowed to sing – what does the choir do?

Well, it creates a film, and gets onto the international stage. There’s a world premiere at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the biggest festival in Europe, on the 17th August 2021!

The Beschwerdechor Heidelberg used the forced singing haitus to find other creative ways to spread its central message, without spreading dangerous aersoles. [or Covid 19]

The message? : ‘Let yourself be included, and a new world opens up’

Therefore, the choir set out into the world of 2-Dimensionality, travelled around the globe and experienced many things.

Luckily, this adventure was captured in a fine little gleeful animation film.

We are not yet going to reveal any more, as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival [ 17 August 2021] stands before us. [Tomorrow!!!]

Coincidence, fate, chance  brought together a choir of people with specific biographies and life experiences. With one thing in common: The joy of singing! But also one insight: Inclusion works – and is an enrichment.

That is the summary of seven years of the Heidelberger Bescherechor, and it has become one of its main themes.

‘We are, through our existence and appearance, visibly lived inclusion,’ says one choir member. Therefore, the title and content of their first evening-programm Circus Inclusioni in 2019, brought all the experiences of its members to the stage.

Sickness, crises and everyday annoyances are described, with irony and jokes, and, under the guidance of Bernhard Bentgens, are put to text and music. Circus portrayals were developed and practised, in order for Circus Inclusioni to reach its former highest heights.

After two successful performances in Weinheim and Schreisheim in 2019, further performances were planned for Heidelberg and Mannheim.

Then came Corona.

Online rehearsals and the collaborative film project have kept the choir together.

All of this gives us courage and, with fun and enjoyment, we continue to sing and continue to be active in inclusion… and to call for new choir members.

Particularly young people are welcome!

There’s of course no age limit for supporters or sponsors who want to give the choir, and its idea of inclusion, a helping hand.

Watch Paradi Inclusioni on the Fringe Player here. [Link goes to Edinburgh Fringe]

17th August, 6pm GMT, 19:00 CET

You can donate to the Heidelberger Beschwerdechor here:

Original article in German: Beschwerdechor Heidelberg Website


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