Hello. Guten Tag. Hi.

I’m Shakira Dyer, a second-year student of the German language and literature, film and culture. When I’m not doing that I like writing. Sometimes I do both on this blog here.

What this blog is for:

Finding German translations of my favourite English media, from Pokemon, to Adventure Time to Star Wars, and more! Also teaching you guys how they work (and being taught by you- bitte, wenn ich einen Fehler mache, sag mir in den Kommentaren!)

Finding orginally German media (von E Nomine, Fanta Vier bis zu… Lars der Eisbar… ect) to post about.
(Empfehlungen heisse ich wilkommen!)

Reviewing anything I can – including current news. Particularly if it affects me, England, Germany, visually impaired or disabled people around the world and/or students.

Probably – releasing my own self-published stories.

Probably – releasing my own self-published stories *in German*!



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Deutsche sehbehinderte YouTuber BlindLife and Ypsilon!!!

So I haven’t been posting in this blog for a while, partly because I’ve been posting in my other blog, Access The Arts to celebrate and educate about Disability History Month!! This is a month to raise awareness about and recognise the achievements of people with disabilities, both in the past and the present. Also … Continue reading Deutsche sehbehinderte YouTuber BlindLife and Ypsilon!!!

Daily Prompt: Simmer

via Daily Prompt: Simmer Because I’m simmering with ideas but not enough time to do them. Sometimes boiling and the metaphor continues with ideas evaporating seemingly. Like steam or clouds. However as every cloud enthusiast knows Water doesn’t disappear, just changes form. Make steam into an acronym or clouds into that computer storage thing in … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Simmer

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