Project: Creative writing in German

Dieses Blog ist auf Englisch und Deutsch geschreibt

OK, so after a lot of deliberation I decided a coupla things:

  1. The only way that I can use words like ‘coupla’ is because I’ve seen them before, even though I rarely use them, but I think about them a lot.
  2. Someone probably said a sentence like that before, probably like ‘well, but after a few weekends we will shop till we drop  in Tescos’ or a similar ‘(hegde), (conjuction) (time-phrase) (person) (past-tense) (verb) (colloquialism/collocation) (noun)’ type-thing.
  3. The only reason I can do this is because I’ve basically heard a whole bunch of English sentences with context that mean something to me.
  4. Ich will Gesichten auf Deutsch zu schreiben!

So ich habe entschieden, hier anzufangen und Gesischte zu schreiben


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